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One of the events leading up to the LA2020 Reunion is a meal packing volunteer activity for our youth!
We will work with ‘Rise Against Hunger’ to help combat hunger by helping assemble meals for families suffering around the world and in our own backyard. We will help assemble over 25,000 meals at LA2020 in just a few hours.
The meals will be shipped out in the weeks following the event and will be in the hands of someone in need within a month or two after the event.
We need to fundraise approximately $4000 to be able to conduct this humanitarian activity.
We would like to encourage our youth to help us accomplish this goal!


Rise Against Hunger: Meals with Impact

The cost of one meal packet made of rice, soy, vegetables and essential vitamins is just seven dollars.

You can sponsor one or multiple meal packets, to help us reach our goal of distributing 25,000 meal packets.

Make your purchase by clicking here.

Thank you for helping us Rise Against Hunger!