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The college admissions process has become increasingly complicated and competitive. Several DAANA parents have children who are in high school and are preparing to apply for college or are already in the process of applying. Many others have successfully navigated this phase and are now in public and private post-secondary institutions across the United States. The college admissions process can be particularly daunting for parents who have no personal experience in American schools, colleges and universities. The goal of this group is to bring together parents and peer mentors who will pool their resources and collective wisdom to assist our aspiring college applicants and help them reach their true potential.

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DAANA YMC members

Dr. Baseer Qazi, Chair

Dr. M Taruj Ali

Dr. Farheena Azam

Dr. Afshan Khan

Dr. Nusrath Sultana

Dr. Mohammad Sajed

Dr. Rafe Azaz

Dr. Yasmin Ansari

Dr. Raza Khan

Dr. Anees Fatima

Dr. Farha Ikramuddin

DAANA Youth Mentorship Group Charter