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DAANA is committed towards helping DCMS students for obtaining positions in post graduate training programs in the United States. We know the difficulties in today’s competitive environment.

Through our alumni we have been successful in establishing clinical observerships in private practices and training programs across many cities in the US. We have also established a partnership with American International Clinical Group (AICG)

AICG offers valuable educational experience to medical students and recent graduates by providing clinical rotations in training hospitals in the US. They can also help with obtaining recommendation letters from US based academic physicians.


DAANA has been able to negotiate a contract with AICG offering a discounted group rate for clinical rotations in training hospitals located in the US. Anyone interested in applying can email us at for more details.

DAANA’s Mentorship Committee will continue to work with DCMS students and alumni to fulfill their needs.

We also offer a limited number of grants for deserving alumni who are applying for residency in the US.