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DAA/DAANA Home Visit Program for Parents of Alumni

A lot of our alumni from DCMS are settled abroad in the Unites States, Europe, Australia and Middle East. Many of them have parents back home in Hyderabad, mostly elderly, with limited mobility with multiple health issues and difficulties in accessing health care. Some of these families have no reliable family member to look after these seniors, especially when it comes to their health. Hence this proposal for home visits by physicians from DAA/DAANA.

Who all shall be involved?

The proposal is to involve a core group of qualified and experienced physicians who are willing to make these home visits. As of now, the physicians who have accepted to work with us are:
  1. Dr Ahrar, MD Internal Medicine, 1995 batch of DCMS
  2. Dr Iftekhar MD Microbiology 1992 batch of DCMS
  3. Dr Fawad Ali, MD Internal Medicine, 2006 batch of DCMS
  4. Dr M A Azeez Asad, MD, DNB Cardiology 1997 batch of DCMS.
  5. Dr Jamaluddin Naved Mbbs, Pg in general medicine DCMS
  6. Dr Wasay Kabir, Mbbs, Pg in general medicine DCMS
  7. Dr Khaleelullah Khan Mbbs, PG in general medicine DCMS
Other physicians are being approached for further help.  

Which families can benefit?

Parents of alumni, who are settled abroad, who need regular check ups can avail these services. Other relatives of alumni including uncles or aunts will not be covered in this program.

Permission and consent of the concerned alumnus and the patient shall be obtained verbally and in writing.
The patient and his family shall appoint a primary caregiver who can take decisions on behalf of the patient. Information regarding the patient care or management shall be shared with this caregiver only.

For now, we would like to involve only about 20 families so we can provide focused support. As we grow, more physicians and more families can be attached.

What services will be provided?

The parents of the alumni will be visited by a physician appointed by DAA every 2 months, usually on a weekend or as convenient to both. This visit will include:
  1. Introduction
  2. Health assessment of one or both parents as requested
  3. Review of old records
  4. Plan of treatment
  5. Specialist Referral if any
  6. Next Follow up
The details shall be documented in writing and the same will be communicated to the alumnus concerned.  

Other services

  1.  Referral to specialists or superspecialists as required. We will try to arrange a visit by the specialist/ superspecialist at home. If not possible, an appointment will be scheduled at the appropriate time at the nearest clinic/hospital.
  2. Lab investigations as required shall be advised by the visiting physician. It would be the responsibility of the caregivers to get these done and shown to the physician. A liaison person, Mr Junaid will assist in getting these done at home or clinic as and when feasible.
  3. Sick Visits
    The visiting physician shall try to visit the patient in case of ill health of the latter upon request, according to his availability. If not feasible to visit home, he/she shall arrange an appointment at a clinic or hospital as appropriate. He/she may also choose to delegate the responsibility to a trusted colleague. These will be coordinated by Mr Junaid.
  4. Assistance with Hospitalization
    Logistic assistance may be offered by the treating physician in case any parent requires elective or emergency hospitalization at the hospital or institute of primary practice of the physician. However, all costs towards treatment and transport shall be borne by the patient and his family.
    If the patient is admitted at a hospital other than the place of practice of the visiting physician, the patient becomes the responsibility of the treating physician at the concerned hospital. However, at his/her own discretion, he/she shall try either directly or through other doctors at the concerned hospital, to establish contact with the treating physician. Again, our liaison person will try to coordinate all these.
  5. Handling Medical Emergencies
    This is not an emergency service. All medical emergencies shall be handled by the primary caregivers of the patients. The physicians may however choose to provide telephonic advice and logistic assistance.
  6. Post Hospitalization
    The visiting physician shall try to follow up with the patient after discharge from hospital as soon as he can and provide appropriate advice.

Fees for the Home Visit

No fees shall be charged by the visiting physician. The physician will be reimbursed by DAA as per the understanding between them.