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Scope: Establish a streamlined process and infrastructure to enable submission of any new project proposal by DCMS Alumni. This will include guidelines for submissions as well as review and approval process by BOD.

Owner: DAANA 

Roles and Responsibilities: The BOD liaison who has oversight of the project will be accountable.

Project Proposals: The BOD will review any project proposal and assign them into the following general categories to be considered for pursuing and/or funding:

– Philanthropic activities

– DCMS alumni support

– Fundraising activities to further the cause of any ongoing DAANA-DAA initiatives

– Establishing regional chapters

– Establishing social gatherings regionally or nationally that directly or indirectly encroach on DAANA mission

– Educational initiatives

– Establishing health care clinics

– Establishing Eldercare support

– Any new initiative idea that supports the cause of DAANA


When submitting a proposal careful consideration must be given by the applicant to identify and ensure that applications mostly fall within the above stated categories. If a new category is identified, BOD reserves the right to review it and deem permissible only if it fits within DAANA’s vision and mission.

Project Guidelines:


All projects should be well intended in letter and spirit.

Beneficiaries of any project should be wide range of people without any bias towards race, religion, creed or caste.

For an overseas project, funds should be directly sent to the designated trust if the trust has FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) approval.

Only a member in good standing can present a project.

The person presenting the project can solicit donation from other people (members as well as non-members) towards this project only after BOD approval. 

The individual should submit the project application along with a description of the project to the Board for approval and provide all the support documents such trust deeds, registration papers, FCRA approval and other necessary documents as requested by the Board.

The individual should identify the trust and or an individual who will work on implementing and complete or oversee the implementation and running of the project along with the organization.

The Board has the right to find facts and verify the authenticity of the trust and the credentials of the person who would be in charge of the project.

The presenting member is responsible for providing follow up report on the project.

The Board reserves the right to periodically inspect, verify and require progress reports about the projects.

There shall be two pathways for BOD review of a proposed project: Regular (6-8 weeks) or Expedited (2 weeks).


To complete a New DAANA Project Application complete this form: 

DAANA New Project Application

DAANA New Project Application

*Individual project defined as started by an individual alumnus looking to work with DAANA in different modalities not limited to marketing/fundraising or taking over the project. *Group Project defined as started by a group of alumni to create a medical camp/CME conference/organized meeting under DAANA banner. *Board Project defined as wherein project has been presented as an initiative for DAANA BOD to start engaging in project.
If Yes, include name of partnering organization in Problem Statement or Additional Documents
Maximum upload size: 276.82MB