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DCMS Alumni Grand Reunion 2019


Greetings from DAA and DAANA!!

Soft Reminder to *register yourself* for the upcoming *Grand DCMS Alumni Reunion* on *Saturday, 26th of Jan, 2019* in Hyderabad.

*link for DCMS Alumni Grand Reunion 2019 – Registration Form*

Registrations are limited, so please RSVP and *confirm your payment* with your batch representative soon, *ON or BEFORE 26th  of  Jan, 2019*.

Also, *share the above link with all your batchmates* and get them to register too!

*THIS FORM IS FOR ALL THE ALUMNI of DECCAN COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES*, whether you are able to attend the Grand Reunion or not. It’s going to help us curate the _*DCMS Alumni Global Database*_. You will have a choice to respond with:

• Yes, I’ll be coming 🕺🏻

• No, I can’t make it. ☹

• Maybe 🧐

Also, please register for your DCMS Alumnus spouse *separately*

Go ahead and fill it up right away!

More info in the above link.

♦Happy weekend!♦